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    Unhappy Farewell slap-gaming/where are you going to go?

    Dear SLAP-gaming gamers,

    recently the the staff have come to the descision to close the SLAP-gaming mine craft server. Personally, I've played for over 3 years. During my time on the SLAP server, I made many friends and even grew attached to some of the people on there. I want to ask and say a few thoughts about our community.

    First off, when I first joined slap-gaming, like all others, I was a guest. After being invited to the first server I ever joined by my early girlfriend, I was hooked on the server and immediately set out to register for a membership. After bugging Stoux2 for a while, he said the system was just automated. Being an eleven year old I had no clue what he was saying, but either way I was content with my new membership. Early in my playing with slap, I thought I had to glorify myself, and the best way for a youngster like myself to do so was to act older than I was. Surely other members picked up on the fact that I wasn't really 15 unlearn old, but nevertheless made me feel good when they didn't call me out. After a summer of basement mine crafting, I'd spent over a month (in actual gameplay, 24 x 12) starring at that my monitor, on my dad's computer maxing out at 25 frames, I purchased a month of VIP. After that, another and another. Finally I got life-time VIP, and I wish I was the first to say it when I say I will never regret that, and I definitely got my money's worth. After a while I started to actually grow up a little bit, I began to learn how to manage a community, and then fell in love with another server. I would pop in every once and a while to say hi and build a little bit, only to disappear for months at a time. Once again, I started to grow up, past the mine craft phase in my life. That's where I'm at now, this time I'm actually 15, and not trying to act any older than I am. I've started changing code on games like Grand theft auto on the Xbox, and getting paid for modding for other people. Though I've lost interest in mine craft, seeing the slap community dwindle and the server shut down, I can't help but feel sad.

    The slap-gaming mine craft server not only kept me entertained when I had nothing else to do so, but it taught me how to type. I first joined and used my pointer fingers to type, then I was taught homerow, from there the constant talking in chat got me up to 75 words per mouth, where I still average today when I type. It often takes me longer to think about what to say than to actually type things out. Slap also taught me general social skills, and being an international server, I also learned that there was a whole other world out there. Slap opened my eyes to the world, and taught me there are other cultures around the world.

    While every member I've gotten to known over the years in slap-gaming, there are a few who stand out the most. Specifically Stoux, who has served as a role-model wether he knows it or not. Over the years, I'd imagined Stoux as someone you need to show respect to. Just knowing he reads what goes through the chat kept me from saying stupid things.. Although I've arguable said a lot of stupid and childish things.

    In conclusion, slap gaming had given me valuable life skills, through learning from my mistakes to fun times. I'm going to be sad knowing slap gaming is gone.

    So, I have a question for you. What will you do when slap gaming goes away? Where will you go?

    Thanks to Stoux, jacketed, sparkle, GTR, Ryu, and the many I missed. Slap-gaming, from what I know, is not a one man team, it couldn't have been done without everyone involved. Thanks for the times slappers!

    I know the slap ts server will still be here, and so will all the other games, but the mine craft server is the only thing I really took part in.. Maybe I'll look at other games..
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    i'll personally stick with slap, carry on talking to people in slap and just having fun on ts, and just see how it goes

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