Some says that it's what we should have done for Trackmania˛: all environments at the same time. But like I already pointed out, it would have been really long and without the ability to update the game would we had to do other things. And we have to do others things, it's logical for the studio but also for the players. And this is why Maniaplanet has been designed to evolve, meaning it's less polished because it's "work in progress"

Trackmania Turbo is not "work in progress" It's polished for console and I am happy that players can enjoy it simply and in a solid way. Many players, especially veterans do not see a sequel there, and I think they are totally ok with that spirit.

Trackmania Turbo is something that is closer to a best of/discovery edition. It's closer to how people discovered the first Trackmania in a way: no custom tool, custom cars, mediatracker, mixmapping, macroblocks etc. And it's good to have this in the franchise, especially on new platform like consoles.

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