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    Howmany things can I add here?
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    Quite a few actually.
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    Slap Gaming: The Reunion 2018

    Ready for some fun?
    The SLAP Gaming Minecraft Server returns again for a single night!
    On Saturday 28th April 2018, you are invited to join us for:

    SLAP Gaming: The Reunion 2018

    Almost exactly one year later there will be another reunion night. For one night only the SLAP Gaming Minecraft Server will be revived and we would like to get as many of the 20,000+ members that once played on our server to join us for a evening of laughter, gaming, and to relive our fond memories of the server!

    • The fun is scheduled to begin at 20:00 UK/CEST (Click for timezone converter)
    • The server will be accessible via:
      • You must have Minecraft 1.8 installed to join the server!
      • The world file remains as it was when we shut down in March 2016.
      • Most original functionality will be live (Including minigames!)

    • We will be active on our TeamSpeak server: /
    • Group video calls will be taking place! (More info to follow).
    • The event is certainly not limited to Minecraft - other games & activities will take place!
    • Check out the map:

    We hope you can be part of this special event! Please RSVP on the link below!
    We look forward to seeing you all on the Saturday 28th April!

    RSVP Here!

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    Brit and I end up missing every reunion :') Hope you're all doing well though.

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