Well, it's as simple as the title says, post your Desktop with Rainmeter skins here!

Rainmeter itself is a desktop customization software like the Windows Taskbar, just with more possibilities to customize!
Get it here: http://www.rainmeter.deviantart.com
Gallery: http://www.rainmeter.deviantart.com/gallery

Just some rules:
- What skin/s have you used? Please put a link to it/them!
- Link to the background image/s?

I'll start with my desktop.

It's a collaboration of (I think?) 7 skins, listed here:

I've edited all of these and put them together in one skin, called Simplicity. You can download it here:
You need to change the HDD names, otherwise you have mine in there... :D

That's a slideshow, folder with all is here:

So, that's my skin, Now show yours! :D