Hello again, lets see what's on the agenda for today... *looks through notes* ah yes...

It's that pre-patch time! I'm sure most of you in NA and the EU have noticed there is a lovely fat update to do! With a bunch of new Heart of the Swarm features, I'd like to shed a bit of light on how the forth coming Group and Clan systems are going to work for SLAP.


As we have been told by Blizzard, the group system will allow unlimited number of people to join, chat and check up on news and other such things. As we have an unlimited number of people that can join, the group will be open to anyone and everyone form the Slap Gaming community, the only condition is that you have applied for SlapGaming Membership. Simply contact someone listed as a "Group Officer" or me in-game.


As for the Clan, we have a limited number of spaces in the clan to support our members so we have decided to have an Application Process for this. Currently a number extremely active players have been automatically added to the clan, but this does not mean there is no space. There is currently plenty of space for others to join us and we welcome all applications. While applications are open to anyone in the Slap Gaming Community, the application process will be based on a number of things and not purely on how good the application is. We expect Clan applicants to be already fairly active with the rest of the group and Clan playing StarCraft and putting in effort where required. We do not take into account how good you are at the game, instead we are taking an approach of activity and social setting. The clan will get to cast their opinions and votes on the application.

Most of all, the clan application process is going to hopefully make sure that our regular and dedicated community members get recognized within the community and help knit together a solid team for any future clan wars.

I'd just like to stress that the final decision of a clan application will fall to either me, jack or an assigned recruitment officer. We may over rule, but half the process will be showing you can fit in with the current active members.

We are currently looking at a nice way of having a good Application Process (<3 Flrn) so just hang on for that. If anyone is looking for clan status at the moment, PM me and I'll set up a format for you to fill out and post for us to brutally rip apart with dictionary's and facts.

Community Roster:
Patch Notes:

NOTE: You also now have ONE FREE NAME CHANGE. It's suggested you use it to remove any clan tags, you are NOT required to put [SLAP] as part of your name, it will appear if you join the clan!