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    Bug Reports & Suggestions - Info Topic

    The Bug Reports & Suggestions area has been used for a while now and I thought it was time to replace the initial sticky topic.
    This topic is here to explain what this area is for and how you can use it.

    What is the Bug Reports & Suggestions area?
    It is an area where users can report bugs and make suggestions regarding the minecraft server.
    If you have a suggestion for the clan or forums, you can post that here.

    How do I use this area?
    If you have a suggestion or want to report a bug, click Post New Thread like you usually do to make a new topic. Add a title that describes your suggestion (So not "Please add this", instead use something like "McMMO").
    Before you can post it you need to assign it a prefix. You can do this by clicking the drop down menu called "Prefix" above the Title bar, you can choose between Bug and Suggestion.
    Any changes to the prefix after the topic has been posted will be made by me (changing it to In Progress etc.).
    You may only post one suggestion/bug report per topic. This rule was already in place before I made this new topic, but it hasn't been followed all that well. I will be more strict with this rule from now on.

    What do the prefixes mean?
    In Progress means the bug/suggestion has been confirmed/accepted and I'm working on it.
    Solved/Accepted means the bug/suggestion has been fixed/made and is live on the server (or will be with the next server restart).

    What should I put in my suggestion/bug report?
    You need to clearly explain the bug/suggestion. Suggesting how this should be implemented on the server is not required (nor is it forbidden), we will always decide how we implement it ourselves.
    If your suggestion/bug report is only vaguely described then we will not be able to do anything with it.
    When making a plugin suggestion please also add a link to the BukkitDev page

    Can I see your code?
    I've been adding more complex and original things lately and some people were really interested in getting the code for it. I don't mind if people look at my code to learn and use bits, but stealing parts of it isn't really what I want, so the full source code is no longer available. If you are interested in seeing parts of it to learn then you can always contact me
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    This post will be a brief explanation of what each prefix added to a bug report or a suggestion means. This has been written so you can better understand what is happening with your bug report or your suggestion.


    Bug (In progress)
    This means our staff know about the bug mentioned, and are working to come up with a solution to fix this problem!
    Bug (WillNotFix)
    This means our staff know about the bug mentioned, But are not going to fix it as it is either non fixable, will be fixed with updated to minecraft/bukkit, or is something that is going to be addressed with the implementation of something else.
    Bug (Intended Behaviour)
    This means our staff have acknowledged your bug suggestion, But it is intended behavior of Minecraft/Bukkit/The Server and will not be patched.
    Bug (Solved)
    This means the staff have patched the bug you reported!
    Bug (Confirmed)
    This means our staff have acknowledged your bug report, but have not chosen to take any action or have not been able to.


    Suggestion (Accepted)
    This means our staff have accepted the suggestion, and it will be looked into being adapted to the server!
    Suggestion (Rejected)
    This means our staff have rejected the suggestion, either because it is too much work to implement, or because they do not support the idea of it for various reasons.
    Suggestion (On Hold)
    This means our staff have accepted your suggestion, and it is being looked into implementation, however the suggestion has been put on old for a reason such as more important things needing to be prioritized.
    Suggestion (In Progress)
    This means our staff have accepted your suggestion, and are currently working on implementing it to the server!
    Suggestion (Completed)
    This means our staff have accepted your suggestion, and implemented it to the server.
    Suggestion (Already Implemented)
    This means your suggestion has already been suggested before, and has already been implemented to the server!

    Thank you honkin_pigs for writing this.

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