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    Member-VIP Questions.

    I just had a few questions regarding VIP help with members.
    • If I had a spawner that was at Y:30> could we ask a VIP to have a member of staff claim that for us?
    • If a VIP asked for a WE on a plot that wasn't his (but the other party wanted one) could the WE happen?
    • Just to kinda wrap all of it, could a VIP use any of his powers for a member or below?

    Not trying to start any shenanigans or anything, but some stuff I want to do requires VIP which I do not have at the moment (I am trying to get VIP).

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    If a VIP claimed a spawner below y:30 they would be the owner and could do as they please, including adding you as a member. They would still be in control of building and/or adding and removing players.

    With regards to W/E No, we will not do W/E on an area owned by a player at the request of a VIP.

    Hope that answers your questions .

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