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Thread: Mail Commands

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    Mail Commands

    The mail plugin has been completely redone!
    Key Features:

    • Send Mail
    • Reply to Mail
    • Mark special mail
    • Automatically save mail
    • Delete mail
    • Block players
    • Check types of mail

    Accessible for Builders | Accessible for Members | Accessible for VIPs

    Check if you have any new mail.

    /mail read [# Mail ID]

    Read a mail you have received. By adding "S" in front of the ID you can read your sent mail. Example: /mail read 21

    /mail read [Player name]
    Read the last mail you have received from this player. Example: /mail read Stoux2

    /mail read all
    Mark all your new mail as read. Example: /mail read all

    /mail check <page>
    Check your new mail. If you have more then 5 new mail you can add a page number to the end of the command. Example: /mail check 2

    /mail check [send/received/new/deleted/marked] <page>
    Check a type of mail. Example: /mail check marked will give you the first page of your marked mails.
    Protip: A lot of the commands can be shortened. /mail c s = /mail check send

    /mail delete/undelete [# Mail ID]
    Delete or undelete a mail. Deleting a mail will move the mail to /mail check deleted. Example: /mail delete 12

    /mail mark/unmark [# Mail ID]
    Mark or Unmark a mail. Marking a mail will add it to /mail check marked. Example: /mail mark 12

    /mail search [Player name] <Page>

    Gives you the mails you've send & received to/from this person.Example: /mail search Stoux2
    Protip: This command accepts a lot of variations. All of these work: search/searchplayer/player/check-conversation/conversation/conv/con

    /mail send [Player name] [Message]
    Send a mail to a person. Example: /mail send stoux2 Hello! How have you been doing?
    Protip: This command also accepts "s" instead of "send". Example: /mail s telluur Hey!

    /mail reply [# Mail ID] [Message]
    Reply to a received mail, by entering the ID of that mail. Example: /mail reply 12 Hello! How have you been doing?

    /mail reply [Player name] [Message]
    Reply to a recieved mail, by entering the name of the person who send it. Example: /mail reply Stoux2 Hello! How have you been doing?

    /mail block/unblock [Player name]
    Block a player from mailing you. Example: /mail block beepbep9001
    Warning: Staff members are not affected by this.

    /mail blocklist

    Get a lit of all the players you have blocked.
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