So, I have just recently finished the games pikmin 3 and pokemon X. I've been wondering if there will be more of these games and more specifically, what will they be called, what new things will they have, and will it be on a new system. EVERYONE who played pikmin 3, loved it, and finished it saw what looked like another crashing object so could that be a hint towards pikmin 4? EVERYONE who's played pokemon X or Y or BOTH have been speculating about pokemon Z. I find that to be a good idea except for 1 problem...Zygarde sucks. Xerneas beats up both Yveltal and Zygarde and Yveltal beats up Zygarde easily. Making a game centered around Zygarde would be good, but something new would have to be added. Maybe Zygarde's type changes to become strong against Xerneas and Yveltal. Maybe Zygarde could change from ground-dragon to rock-poison or something like that. Anyways, those are the questions that i have. If you've played these games, what do YOU think? Tell me in a post below