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    [Guide]Useful Commands

    This is a list of useful commands which are less used but may prove helpful.

    *Do note some commands are unavailable to Builder rank, and will work for Member +.

    Scroll down to the bottom of the list to see special recommendation list of commands.

    Transportation Commands

    -/minecart - Mounts the player onto a minecart, can be used on rails.

    -/boat - Mounts the player onto a boat, can be used in water.

    -/spawn [rw/old/new/games/creative/pvp/end/nether] - Teleports a player to the spawn point of the specified world. Resource World, Pre-1.6 Survival World, 1.7 Survival World, Mingames World, Creative World, PVP World, The End, Nether respectively.

    -/Leave - Teleports the player to Spawn world. Can be used in special places where /spawn is not allowed, e.g inside minigame world. Will work after a certain amount of time in special places such as PVP.

    -/home, /delhome, /sethome - Home system command, please go to to view home system guide.

    -/homemenu - Shows a menu categorized by world of your homes, click a specific home to tp to it. The home name can be seen when you hover the blocks in the menu.

    -/horse help [1/2/3] - Shows help regarding /horse commands.

    Creative World Only

    -/cextra - Opens a menu of extra blocks that can not be gained via creative, click the block in the menu to receive it.

    -/head - Grants the player it's own head.

    -/tpahere [player] - Requests a player to TP to you. This command can be used by VIP + outside of creative.

    -/flyspeed [1-3] - Sets the player's flight speed. [VIP only]

    Minigames World Only

    -/parkour [help] - Shows info about Parkour commands which can only be used inside Parkour maps.

    -/sonic - Shows info about /sonic commands. Related to the Sonic Racetrack minigame.

    -/games - Shows info about the minigame plugin including minigame list.

    -/parkour lb [number]- shows the parkour scores.


    -/link, /links - Provides useful links, which will be launched when clicked in chat.

    -/world - Shows the world the player is located in.

    -/getpos - Gets the co-ordinations of the player.

    -/ping - Shows your connection latency.

    -/lag - Shows the server's status.

    -/rules - Shows the server's rules.

    -/modreq [message] - sends a message to the staff. The command should be used when in need of assistance from staff. Do not use this command multiple times, the message will stay until a staff member deals with it, so multiple uses for the same message are meaningless, and can be considered as an offence.

    -/new - shows the in-game update log with the new additions.

    -/suicide - Kills the player. Works as any death, items will be dropped.

    Economy Related Commands

    -/Balance, /Bal, /Money - States the current balance of a player.

    -/baltop, /balancetop - Show the highest balance values. If used as /baltop [number], shows a specific page of the balancetop list.

    -/pay [playername] [amount] - Gives the specified amount of money to the specified player.

    -/worth [specific item name] - When item name not specified, shows the worth of the current item you are holding, when specified it will show the worth of the specified item.

    -/sell [hand/item id] [amount] - Sells the current held item to the server with the specified amount. Will sell all of the current held item both held and in inventory if amount not specified.

    -Please go to to get further info about shop and economy.

    -Please go to to see the full item worth list.

    -/worthlist [page number] - Shows the player the specific page of the /worth list ingame. (equivalent to the link above)

    Communication Commands

    -/me [message] - Describes an action in the context of the player. e.g - "/me message1" - will display "*player message1".

    -/msg [player] [message] - sends a private message to the specified player.

    -/r [message] - Replies with a private message to the last message sent. It functions the same as /msg, but will reply to the receiver/sender of the last private message.

    -/Mention help - (new command) Shows info about the mention feature.

    -/wave [player] - Waves to a specific player(s).

    -/wave [all/everyone] - Waves to everyone.

    -/mail - broken - Use /mail help for info about /mail commands or go to .

    Player List Commands

    -/AFK [reason] - Changes the player state to AFK with the specified reason if given. A player will be moved to AFK state with no reason specified if the player has been idle for more than 5 minutes.

    -/semiafk - changes player state to Semi-AFK.

    -/who, /list - Shows the current online players. Equivalent to the [Tab] button function.

    -/Afklist - Shows the current players who are in afk state, and also shows the reason of afk if given.

    -/Stafflist - Shows the current online staff members.

    Player Stats Commands

    -/playtime - Shows the amount of time played on the server, with an extra line specifying AFK time.

    -/onlinetime leaderboard - Shows the top playtimes, excluding AFK time.

    -/kills - Shows the number of pvp kills the player has done.

    -/deaths - Shows the number of times the player has died.

    Worldguard Player Commands

    -/improvedregion help, /irg help - Use this command ingame to view info about the /irg commands that are useful for your basic Worldgaurd needs.

    -/wgs - Tells the player whether he can build in the specific worldguard(s) and tell him the name of the worldguards the player is on.

    VIP Commands

    -/Vip - Shows whether you are a VIP or not, and shows the time left for your VIP period if you are not a Lifetime VIP.

    -/Vip grant - opens the VIP grant menu, where you can get up to 3 grants a day of blocks or have written books copied(not enchantment).

    -/Vip enderchest - Opens up the player's enderchest.

    -/craft - Opens a crafting table.

    -Please take a look at .

    LWC Commands

    -Please take a Look at! .

    Basic Commands - These commands are basic and are required for standard gameplay.

    Transportation:/spawn, /Leave, /home.

    Utilities: /Modreq.

    Economy:/money, /pay.

    Communication: /msg, /r.
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