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    wicke2000's Ban Appeal

    Ban Appeal
    Minecraft Name
    Date of ban *If you know*
    Reason for being banned
    Vulgar Language
    Why should we unban you?
    as you may know that i am banned from the minecraft server couse my minecraft account was hacked / (friend messed with my minecraft servers)
    and said razit words dont know what words. and i hope you could give my account another try
    I forgot to say that my friend is real sad that he banned my account from the best server i know. I search for a server like this but didn't find any. Hope i could get back.
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    Unbanned but if you do anything like before, you'll be banned again instantly without the chance of returning, please be sure to keep your account secure, and refrain from breaking rules.

    Welcome back to the server
    Honkin_pigs - Slap Gaming Minecraft Admin

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