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    xMatt_HDx's Ban Appeal

    Ban Appeal
    Minecraft Name
    Date of ban *If you know*
    September 7, 2014
    Reason for being banned
    Vulgar Language
    Why should we unban you?
    If you don't know this is xMatt_HDx's second account, PresidentBeasley. I've been banned many times. Some for just being stupid and messing with people. Some for greifing on accident, and some for random stuff.
    I've been a really bad kid lately and I'm very sorry for the bad things I've done on the server. This is the only server that I really enjoy and I used to play on everyday (Until I was banned). I've played on this server for a long time and really like the Staff and agree with them for kicking, temp. banning me, and this permanent ban.
    I hope you decide what is right and just and I promise if you let me back on the server, that I will be smart with my words and I promise that I will behave on the server and listen to Staff. I know I've been stupid in chat and I hope you forgive me. I've be really bored lately and I miss the server so much lately.
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    Quite a few actually.
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    You were only temp banned.

    You got quite a list of temp bans tho, so a permanent ban is right around the corner.
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