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    Pokemon Stadium PVP Map: Calling All Builders!

    Hello fellow SlapGamers! IsaacGS459 with another great idea. Earlier today I was chatting with Nirosu and Slime_Blue about the possibilities of building Smash Bros maps. Here's what has come up in that process.

    Pokemon Stadium.

    This would be amazing. Here's the basic idea, and will probably evolve until the end. Message on this thread to be a part. I will edit this to show where people are assigned. Three people per project, two projects per person.

    Five major areas are included in this map: Fire, Ground/Rock, Flying, Electric, and a central Normal area. The other four types will be on the corners of the map, and will blend together along the edges.

    Ground/Rock: Either strength or resistance. Mountainous area. Vertical and cave fighting.

    Flying: Jump boost. Involves barrier blocks and floating platforms for movement. Indicators will be placed for barrier blocks.
    Workers: IsaacGS459

    Electric: Speed boost. Tight areas and long corridors can be found in an abandoned factory. Be wary of moving machinery!
    Workers: IsaacGS459

    Fire: Either strength or resistance. Nether based area with lots of lava. Don't fall in!

    This is where everybody spawns. Will have a small area of regeneration, so run through if you're low on health. Don't linger, though; there's no protection!

    For beacon placement, each corner will have a beacon with 30 block cubic radius. the center will have a 20 to keep hogging regen to a minimum. May have beacons on very corner to keep map smaller. Color beacon to according area: Flying grey, Ground brown, Fire red (Leaf Green), and Electric yellow. center will be pure white. If you have any questions, post on here or ask when I'm on. The coordinates will be posted as soon as WG is applied. Hope this project turns out great! Lucario Out!
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    Lucario Out!

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