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  1. Suggestion (Rejected): Auction Plugin to Prevent Spam in chat.
  2. Bug (Solved): Iconomy
  3. Suggestion (Rejected): Voteing For Plugin Suggestions
  4. Suggestion (Rejected): A Mod Suggestion :)
  5. Suggestion (In Progress): Shop Pricing(fireworks)
  6. Suggestion (Completed): Make it possible to copy books
  7. Suggestion (Rejected): Custom item enchantments
  8. Suggestion (Rejected): MailBox System
  9. Suggestion (Rejected): New Spawn Fountian?
  10. Suggestion (Completed): Block noteblock and repeater usage in worldguarded areas
  11. Bug (Solved): Forum Bug
  12. Suggestion (Completed): /Boat Command
  13. Suggestion (Rejected): Music in MC?!? ;P
  14. Bug (Solved): /Backdeath - Spleef/PvP/Cake Defence
  15. Suggestion (Rejected): "Bank" Suggestion
  16. Bug (Solved): Grieffer Mobs
  17. Suggestion (Completed): Plugin to Regen The End every time the server reboots (daily)
  18. Suggestion (Completed): Change PvP team Names
  19. Suggestion (Completed): Auto-join /Pvp all chat channel when joining a PvP Game
  20. Suggestion (Completed): About the wither...
  21. Suggestion (Rejected): Can Ocelots come back?
  22. Suggestion (Completed): Turning Melting of Ice Off
  23. Suggestion (Rejected): Contest Idea!!!
  24. Suggestion: Add SCBB (Super Craft Bros Brawl) to the server
  25. Suggestion (Rejected): Boss Pvp arena
  26. Bug (Solved): Sign/expbank glitch
  27. Suggestion (Completed): New and Different PVP Games in the PVP World
  28. Suggestion (Completed): Exp Bank Deposits
  29. Suggestion (Rejected): Rule Change
  30. Bug (Solved): Boat/Minecart Destruction
  31. Suggestion (Rejected): Implementing /leave in the nether & Pvp Proofing vip plots
  32. Suggestion (Completed): Vips + Getting the spawner block guarded?
  33. Suggestion (Completed): Nether Teleporting?
  34. Suggestion (Completed): Allowing formation of ice
  35. Suggestion (Rejected): Buycraft Optional to use In-Game
  36. Suggestion (Rejected): Packages, donations.
  37. Suggestion (Completed): Cake Defence/ Redstone Calc/ Spleef (Bugs/Suggestion) With Meme's for Examples!
  38. Bug (Solved): /minecart and /boat commands broken
  39. Suggestion (Rejected): MCMMO
  40. Bug Reports & Suggestions - Info Topic
  41. Suggestion (Rejected): TreeAssist
  42. Suggestion (Rejected): Getting a Booth In the Server Minecon, (Or at least try)
  43. Suggestion (Rejected): auto sell chests
  44. Suggestion (Rejected): Torches in empty plots
  45. Suggestion (Rejected): Adding lapis as a vip grant
  46. Suggestion (Completed): New Contest
  47. Suggestion (Completed): Starter kit for the new members!
  48. Suggestion (Rejected): Swearing block system?
  49. Suggestion (Completed): Player Heads Plugin
  50. Suggestion (Rejected): Applying for Certian Things in-game
  51. Bug (Solved): broken /pay ?
  52. Suggestion (Rejected): LockDown Plugin
  53. Suggestion (Completed): The Command /te
  54. Suggestion (Rejected): Moveable Spawners?
  55. Sweet minigame suggestion @SLAPStaff?
  56. Suggestion (Rejected): Disable short names in /msg command
  57. Suggestion (Rejected): Hi I have a real nice idea to make the game more logic so pls check this out!
  58. Bug (Solved): Mob Spawning
  59. Bug (Solved): /lock being able to be done on all plots
  60. Suggestion (Already Implemented) Pvp mob arena
  61. Bug (Solved): Jail Time Bug
  62. Suggestion (Rejected): Maybe A Minigame
  63. Bug (Solved): Cakes eatable by other people not on youre wg
  64. Suggestion (Completed): Selling quartz to server
  65. Suggestion (In Progress): Have cake defence in its own chat channel?
  66. Bug (Solved): /home in the nether
  67. Suggestion (Rejected): cake defense 2
  68. Suggestion (Completed): Starter Kit for all players!
  69. Suggestion (Rejected): Shop Reprice
  70. Suggestion (Completed): adding the forever burn furnace block to the shop
  71. Suggestion (Completed): Having pvp deaths in pvp world chat
  72. Suggestion (Completed): Adding chat rules in tour area of spawn
  73. Suggestion (Completed): food and helth not replentished after death in spleef arena
  74. Suggestion (Completed): Vip Grant
  75. Suggestion (Completed): /vip grant wood
  76. Suggestion (Completed): VIP enderchest
  77. Suggestion (Completed): 2 Enderdragon spawns per day.
  78. Suggestion (Completed): Rainbow Armor!
  79. Suggestion (Rejected): Creative plots for members
  80. Bug (Solved): /Leave
  81. Bug (Solved): Mob kills in creative
  82. Bug (Solved): creative world money
  83. Suggestion (Completed): Home Menu
  84. Suggestion (Completed): Free Tpa in creative world
  85. Suggestion (Completed): Can we have the passive mob spawner eggs back in creative
  86. Suggestion (Completed): Too Many Items Mod being allowed in Creative World.
  87. Suggestion (Completed): Random stuff
  88. Suggestion (Completed): Mobs spawning in the Creative World
  89. Bug (Solved): Sethomes
  90. Suggestion (Completed): /world command
  91. Bug (Solved): /vip grant
  92. Suggestion (Rejected): Nether resorce world
  93. Suggestion (Completed): /lock on buttons and presureplates!
  94. Suggestion (Completed): Important~!: Banning use of Eggs in creative
  95. Suggestion (Rejected): Interactive Boss Battle system
  96. Suggestion (Rejected): Mob Spawners?
  97. Bug (Solved): Access to Commands in Certain Areas
  98. Suggestion (Completed): Custom /afk messages
  99. Suggestion (In Progress): Being able to give other players Exp thru lwc
  100. Bug (Solved): Being able for long usernames to use ExpBank!
  101. Bug (Solved): Fishing problem?
  102. Suggestion (Rejected): Nicknames?
  103. Bug (Solved): Commands in creative
  104. Bug (Intended Behaviour): Creative world WG?
  105. Bug (Solved): Can pass the edge of the world while riding.
  106. Suggestion (Rejected): Just an idea..
  107. Suggestion (Rejected): Allowing VIP to change spawner Types!
  108. Bug (Solved): LWC unlocks wen broken a block!
  109. Bug (Solved): World guard Greeting flag now in white text instead of blue
  110. Suggestion (Completed): Number of current homes/total homes
  111. Bug (Solved): SimplePvP
  112. Suggestion (Completed): Adding Ocelot Spawner eggs to the shop
  113. Bug (Solved): Lottery items in creative
  114. Minecraft Server Changelog
  115. Suggestion (Rejected): Group/Party Chat ability
  116. Suggestion (Rejected): TreeAssist Plugin
  117. Bug (Solved): "Chat" in /jail
  118. Bug (Solved): Boats & Minecarts broken
  119. Bug (Solved): Adding Leads to Worldgaurded Fenceposts
  120. Bug (Solved): No Motd!?
  121. Bug (Solved): /roll
  122. Bug (Solved): Donkey Chests
  123. Suggestion: Horse Race Mini-game
  124. Suggestion (Completed): Auto starting spleef/cake defence?
  125. Bug (Intended Behaviour): Leases popping off horses
  126. Bug (Solved): Minecraft server map issues
  127. Suggestion (Completed): Spleef - "Items in inventory"
  128. Bug (WillNotFix): /back
  129. Suggestion (In Progress): Wipeout game
  130. Bug (Solved): Worldguarded home
  131. Suggestion (Completed): /spawn with arguments
  132. Suggestion (Rejected): Guide & Mod counselors
  133. Suggestion (Rejected): Notification when a player sends a tp request or does /te
  134. Suggestion (Completed): Extra Tp notifications/restrictions
  135. Bug (Solved): Apply form wrong perms
  136. Suggestion (Rejected): Enchanted Books to be added to the Spawn Shop
  137. Suggestion: 1.6 items sell to shop
  138. Suggestion: TF2 map
  139. Bug (Solved): Unable to do /home
  140. Bug (Solved): Keep getting kicked
  141. Suggestion (Rejected): Heroic death mod.
  142. Suggestion (Completed): Ventrilo to Teamspeak
  143. Bug (Solved): Exiting boats/minecarts in 1.6 (not really a bug)
  144. Bug (Solved): Able to do /spawn in pvp arena
  145. Bug (Solved): Spawn Rates
  146. Suggestion (Rejected): Making a /shop
  147. Suggestion (Completed): Donate for Skeleton/Zombie horse
  148. Bug (In Progress): /boat and /minecart
  149. Suggestion (Completed): Buy horses in the old survival world
  150. Suggestion (Completed): Melon Price
  151. Suggestion: Resource World/ Dungeons/ Chests etc.
  152. Suggestion (Rejected): Extra horse Mutations variation
  153. Bug (Solved): Not Being able to do /homemenu in the end
  154. Bug (Solved): /lag not working
  155. Suggestion (Rejected): Suggestions
  156. Suggestion (Rejected): VIP lottery
  157. Suggestion (Rejected): Plugin suggestion
  158. Suggestion (Rejected): Christmas Idea!
  159. Suggestion (Rejected): Event World
  160. Bug (Solved): Ability to bypass animal grief preventions
  161. Suggestion (Completed): Tab Name Colors
  162. Suggestion: Summer Slap Event
  163. Bug (Solved): Problem with granting quartz
  164. Suggestion (Rejected): Budder
  165. Bug (Solved): maybe? Chests and hoppers are not interacting properly.
  166. Bug (Solved): Fence gates derping out
  167. Suggestion (Completed): Allow or Deny command for own wgs
  168. Bug (Solved): I think - Gates opening even with /lock
  169. Bug (Solved): Stained/Hardened Clay not appearing in dynmap
  170. Suggestion (Rejected): Damage Indicators Mod
  171. Bug (Intended Behaviour): ExpVaults only holding 3 or 4 levels
  172. Suggestion (Rejected): my idea
  173. Suggestion (Rejected): have multi chat support
  174. Suggestion: Gate exemption
  175. Suggestion (Completed): Having a 1v1 Arena
  176. Bug (WillNotFix): Minecart viewpoint is quirky
  177. Suggestion (Rejected): Party Feature for minigames
  178. Suggestion (Completed): invclear for the creative world
  179. Bug: VIP grant quartz
  180. Bug (Solved): Lilly Pads and boats
  181. Suggestion: Portals
  182. Bug (Solved): Jail
  183. Bug (Solved): /leave gone
  184. Suggestion (In Progress): PvP - Bannable Offence Suggestion
  185. Suggestion (Rejected): Flying
  186. Suggestion (Rejected): Changes in wither arena/fort
  187. Suggestion (Completed): "Disposal" sign
  188. Suggestion (Completed): Virtual Minecraft
  189. Suggestion (Completed): Suggestion-ish? PvP enabled Arena
  190. Suggestion: voted run of pvp games
  191. Bug (Solved): Locked workbenches in pvp skyblock arena
  192. Bug (Solved): PVP enabled outside pvp arena
  193. Suggestion: Jukebox Controlled by Redstone
  194. Bug (Solved): Lottery Cake in Skyblock
  195. Bug (Solved): Not Spawning at right spawn
  196. Suggestion (Rejected): digging faster
  197. Bug (WillNotFix): Pinging the Pongs and Ponging the Pongs
  198. Suggestion: Ultra Hardcore
  199. Bug (WillNotFix): Horses despawn named!!!
  200. Suggestion (Rejected): /Chest
  201. Suggestion (Completed): New Spleef Arena
  202. Suggestion (Rejected): Senior Member
  203. Bug (WillNotFix): Masive Cat Spawning
  204. Bug: Cakes on WG's
  205. Bug (Solved): screen showing players buggy
  206. Bug (Solved): No Welcome message
  207. Bug (Solved): Dieing wen i join
  208. Suggestion (Rejected): Ability To do /ptime Day
  209. Suggestion (Completed): In game money list
  210. Suggestion (Completed): Weather on the server!
  211. Suggestion (Rejected): Economy Suggestion pt 1: Tax, VAT and fees.
  212. Suggestion (Rejected): Economy Suggestion pt 2: In game donation
  213. Suggestion (Rejected): Parkour World Possibly?
  214. Suggestion (Completed): New cities
  215. Bug (In Progress): Error: Inavlid World
  216. Bug (Solved): Don't get TP'ed to jail when riding a horse
  217. Suggestion (Rejected): TP Pads/Signs to Sethomes
  218. Suggestion (Completed): [Minigame] TNT Run
  219. Suggestion (Rejected): Adding Fish (Raw / Cooked) and wither skull to shop
  220. Suggestion (Rejected): PVP Arena
  221. Suggestion (Rejected): /shop - Not what you think
  222. Bug (WillNotFix): Cant use /leavecake
  223. Suggestion (Rejected): 1.7 Books, and VIP grant changes
  224. Bug (Solved): bug /vip
  225. Bug (Solved): Not sure if the Head dropping upon death plugin is working
  226. Suggestion (Rejected): VIP Toolfix
  227. Suggestion (Rejected): Death Swap
  228. Suggestion (Rejected): Automated change of RW
  229. Bug (Solved): Flint and Steel bypass
  230. Suggestion (Completed): /give for dem Mods +
  231. Bug (Solved): Youve got mail but no mail there
  232. Bug (Solved): Claiming a horse without taming
  233. Suggestion (Rejected): Guide Statues
  234. Suggestion (Rejected): /head feature
  235. Suggestion (Completed): A Command for checking WG's instead of a feather
  236. Bug (WillNotFix): Hostile monster spawn rate
  237. Bug (Solved): Disabling Ocelot Spawning in creative
  238. Suggestion (On Hold): 1.7 amplified creative world
  239. Suggestion (Rejected): Spawn on tutorial island on first login
  240. Suggestion (Rejected): [book] signs
  241. Suggestion: /cprivate on anvils
  242. Suggestion: Revival of a old plugin
  243. Suggestion: Youtube
  244. Suggestion (Completed): Ideas for future cities/towns
  245. Suggestion (Completed): /horse free
  246. Suggestion (Rejected): 'Pvp' based contests and minigames
  247. Bug (WillNotFix): Death in the sonic world?
  248. Suggestion (Rejected): guide wg permissions
  249. Bug (WillNotFix): Fences splitting plots
  250. Suggestion (Completed): Sonic Weekly Scores