View Full Version : [MC] Month Report: December 2011

10-01-2012, 06:28 PM
The whole clan wishes you a happy new year 2012;

so do I, flrnprdmn, the new clan blogger. Nice you read my posts!

The new year on SLAP Gaming starts with some new stuff in the minecraft section. The subway is, after a building session of months, finally finished, and the new Spleef/PvP Arena is working great.

First, Iíll tell you something about the subway. Itís in the lower castle, next to the trade shop. From Spawn, you go downstairs, then left, and follow the way. A bit of stairs mark the way down to the subway then, which can hold up to 8 destination tracks! Currently, 6 tracks are used and 5 of them are fully working. You just need to choose a destination, place yourself on the rail, type /minecart and your ride is starting! Enjoy it! A ride is averagely 5:30 min long, with lots of stops you can hold and take a look at the buildings there, for example Chitchen Itza, the Rubrix Cube and lots more! The rail itself is mostly underneath the surface, but some parts are over the surface aswell. It enfolds over 2000 Rails, 3000 Stone Bricks, and 1000 Torches. You see, it was alot of work and Redstone wiring aswell!

The Spleef/PvP Arena is completely rebuilt and now working with a plugin, which is an alleviating measure for the few admins; now, the moderators who are online most of the time, can set up a fight. Itís quite easy and no tools or armor is needed. You as a normal player need only a mod as referee/arena re-builder and some other players to fight against! You are also able to do a PvP (Player vs. Player) fight, this needs also a moderator to change the game mode. Once everything is set up and the players are ready: 3, 2, 1, Let The Games Begin!

SLAP Gaming Minecraft celebrates also its first birthday in January. The Minecraft Server is running publically since January 2011, over 400 players play on it, 6 moderators and 5 administrators can solve almost every problem; and why not celebrating a birthday with presents and competitions? More info on this special birthday will appear frequently on the forums and/or here.

Apart from that,

I wish you a happy new year 2012, and I hope to see you on the Minecraft Server or at the Clan Events!

Greetings, flrnprdmn