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03-03-2012, 11:48 AM
Hello there!

We are at the end of February now and the Minecraft server calms down to normality, after the previous month, with lots of changes around the whole server.

The new spawn area is now finally added. Although it was a building session of only a few days for the Mods and Admins, it was a time of many discussions about the whole layout of the new castle. But everyone's desires got added, so we are very happy with it now! And as we changed the Spawn castle, we changed also the area around it. The new area now has a gorge surrounding the castle; and if you walk out of the gates of the castle, you can see, for example, the statues of all current Staff members, or the Spleef Arena, which got moved to the surface. Also a new village got added, it's called "Lakeside". You can reach it by one of our LaunchMe Cannons.

Furthermore, we have installed new plugins on our server. One of them is called MCBans; it lists every ban a player has on other servers supporting MCBans. The next plugin is AnCasino. As the name says, it creates Slot Machines; and we added a whole casino on our server! You should come and check it out! We also added MobBounty a few days ago; you now get paid for killing certain mobs. As with the last plugin, ExperienceBanking got added. That plugin stores EXP Levels, so its kind of useful. It's only accessable for VIPs and higher ranked people, so if you're not a VIP yet, go and buy it here! (http://www.slap-gaming.com/vip) :D

The next change is considering the Nether and the End. The commands /jumpto and /tp [player name] got removed there; this is just a security change; as the Nether is PvP, so VIPs cant teleport to eg. normal members and "stab them in the back".

Also, the price of wool in our shop became a lot cheaper. So go and buy if you need wool! :D

There were also some bigger change in February:

The SLAP Gaming Universe grows and grows! Jackster21 and Duee have set up a Team Fortress 2 Server, which is now online 24/7! So if you want to play a match of TF2 with us, just join our server! We would appreciate to see you online! Our Server IP is listed here! (http://slap-gaming.com/main/team-fortress-2)

That was it from this month,

the next Month Report will appear in the first days of April!


23-09-2012, 01:22 PM
Where is the casino