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    Question Minecraft Server Rules && Information

    ~ Slap Gaming Survival 1.8 ~
    !! [Join And Build!] ¡¡ [No Sign-Up Required!] !!

    Server IP:

    General Information
    > Server IP:
    > CPU: Intel® Xeon® E3-1270 v3 Quadcore Haswell incl. Hyper-Threading Technology
    > RAM: 32 GB ECC RAM
    > HDD: 2 x 2 TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 rpm
    > Connection: 1 Gbit/s-Port
    > Guaranteed Bandwidth: 200 Mbit/s

    Server Staff
    > Server Owners
    • Jackster21- Slap Gaming Owner
    • Hungryhomer - Hardware Manager

    > Server Admins
    • Stoux2 - Lead Plugin Developer/Tech Support
    • honkin_pigs
    • LaCrepe
    • Gunnn

    > Server Moderators
    • BabyDoggyShadow
    • Ellie_2500

    > Others
    • Naithantu - Plugin Developer
    • Telluur - Forum Admin

    Server Info
    > The server itself is a SMP (Surival Multiplayer Server), this means that all mobs are enabled. The mobs will spawn in any dark areas, so make sure your houses are well lit!

    > There are 6 account levels on the server: Owners, Admins, Moderators, VIP's (Whats VIP?), Members and Builders.
    > You may also see people with either yellow or teal names. These are given out under special circumstances for various reasons, normally stated in their rank name.

    > If you are on a 'Builder' account, you can build anywhere outside the main castle walls (provided that it isn't World-guarded to someone else), and use basic commands.
    Type /Help in-game to see what permissions and commands you can use, no matter what level your account is!

    > To Become a 'Member' on the server, you must apply on this thread.

    > We use WorldGuard to Guard All structures from those nasty griefers!

    > Logblock installed to ensure you all will have a great time on the Slap-Gaming Minecraft server!

    Server Plugins/Modifications
    For a full list of plugins – do /plugins in-game!

    > Anti Griefing:
    • Logblock.
    • WorldGuard. (Make sure you ask for a WG!)
    • Fire spread turned off.
    • Lava Blocked! (Ask A staff member if you want to use it as decoration!)
    • Creeper Blockdamage turned off! (Note: Creepers can still hurt players!)
    • Enderman Griefing Turned off!

    > Full economy system!
    • Resource Shop at spawn!
    • PVP shop in the PVP-world!

    > Fun Modifications!
    • ButtonWarps – We have public warps set-up at spawn that will warp you to the villages/epic structures on this server!
    • Mob Bounty - Get money for your kills! From now on, all Mob kills you make will grant you money! However, when you kil someone's dog or cat money will be taken from you. So better not kill other players pets!
    • HD Real-Time Online WorldMap (Dynmap) –

    We’ve got some rules in place to make sure everyone will have a pleasant time on our server.
    NOTE: The rules below are a short version of our Terms & Conditions.

    > “Common Sense” rules:
    • No Griefing - Pretty Obvious, dont ruin other peoples work!
    • No Chest Theft - Dont steal other peoples things, there are mods in-place to prevent this.
    • Landscape Griefing - Basically, if your farming materials from the landscape, e.g; Sand, Stone, Soil, dont make it look ugly! try and keep it nice and uniform, and looking natural!
    • Don’t Leave Trees Half Cut Down – bit the same as landscape griefing. Don’t leave ugly floating trees behind!

    > Additional server rules:
    • Don’t build to close to others – All structures will receive a WorldGuard, if the worldguards overlap, it will cause no one to have access to the region.
    • No Flying Addons - FlyMod Is NOT Allowed! If you are caught using it you will be banned instantly and not allowed to return!
    • X-Ray – Is not allowed and you will be banned if caught. We have a plugin installed wich logs your mining.
    • Banned Items – TNT, Flint & Tinder, Lava Buckets. Staff will be notified on use. (If you want to use lava for decoration: ask a staff member, they’ll review if it is allowed or not!)
    • Advertising – You will be perma banned.
    • AFK'ing near mobspawners/grinders will result in the spawner being removed.
    • No fully automated item farms - e.g. Pumpkin or Cactus farms. (You can have farms that you click a button to harvest items)
    • Languages – Please talk English only in chat. For other languages, use the /msg feature.

    > Village/Town rules:
    • You are allowed 1 plot in each town in each world.
    • Max Total Plots: Builders - 1 plot max per world. Members - 3 plots max per world. VIPs - Unlimited plots!
    • When you exceed this limit, your last plot will be removed!
    • If you are in-active for more than 90days your plot may be cleared to make room for a new player!
    • These plots are to be used for Houses only! - No Farms, No Mob Grinders etc.etc. - These will be cleared!

    ¡¡ If you are caught breaking these rules, you risk fines, punishments, loss of buildings, or possible server bans !!

    Get Social With Slap!
    > Teamspeak3– details: (everyone is welcome!)
    • IP:
    • No Password!
    • Please use your Minecraft name!
    • For A Setup Tutorial, click here!

    > Facebook
    • Want to stay updated? Join the SLAP Gaming Facebook Group! Don't forget to post your In Game Name aswell, so we can identify you.

    > Twitter
    • We have a public twitter account!
    • Follow us @SlapGaming_

    > Youtube
    Subscribe to Slap On YouTube!
    • Brand new server video!

    Apart From That,
    Enjoy Yourself && Go Get Building!

    If You Have Any Problems On The Server, Contact A Moderator/Admin In-Game!!

    We Look Foward To Seeing Your Creations!

    - Slap-Gaming Staff
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