The rules are simple:
- Everytime you kill with one weapon, you switch to another one and kill with that and switch with another and repeating the process until you die.
- Perks can be customised to your liking but don't be a dick about it. I suggest Marathon, Lightweight and Ninja as this playstyle involves a lot of rushing and they are good all around perks and get you to people in order to pick up their guns.
- If you can't find any guns, use your secondary or if you can't find and you've used your secondary only then can you switch between the 2 regularly otherwise try to litter bug.
- Knifing doesn't count as an alternate weapon but it is usable.
- A one man army variant is available, simply set all your classes up for one man army and switch when you get a kill. If you don't have time to switch and you already have a kill with that gun use your knife or pick up a weapon.
- Try to use non-killing killstreaks for added challenge!

found it on youtube :P