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    Guide How to get less lag on Minecraft!

    Hello people Turbowesley10 here.
    Do you have extremely lag alway's if you play Minecraf?
    Mayby I got the solution for you!

    I have 3 tips for les lag.

    1: Set your graphics lower. Ex. If your render Distance is on Far set it to normal of short.

    2: Optifine.
    Optifine is a mod for Minecraft that let your graphics to change that you have less lag. Ex: Set your Animations off (It will takes a wile but your have definitely result.

    3: Razer Game Booster.
    Razer Game Booster will shut down unnecessary progams on your PC/Laptop en makes your Minecraf t LOT'S PERFORMANCE IN FPS. (I'm talking out of own experience)
    After your close your Minecraft it return the unnecessary progams back on.


    Razer Game Booster:

    PS: To install optifine for Tekkit. Go to start typ %appdata%
    And search for .minecraft then open it and open the bin. Your see a map called minecraft. Open it with winrar and DELETE META_INF then just drag the files into the pack.

    For Razer Game Booster you will need a account. Just follow the instructions and Register.

    If it works for you please leave a comment below so I know it it's works.


    Optifine link will follow.

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    good guide.

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