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    Minecraft Server Changelog

    This topic lists all plugin and server changes made to the Slap Gaming server.

    This list will get updated frequently as a bug/change request is processed by our Server Management Team.

    September 2014

    • Bunch of stuff. See post #4 in this thread.

    August 2014

    • Added SkyWars
    • Added mcMMO

    June 2014

    • Added kills leaderboard: /kills leaderboard <Monthly>

    May 2014

    • New SpartaPads for all spawn hubs!

    April 2014

    • Crossed social commands, like /wave
    • Linked chats.

    March 2014

    • Added 'Tab'-ability to alot of commands. See comment for which ones

    February 2014

    • All homes in /homes are now clickable, just like the lottery /roll!
    • Added the /wave command! You can wave to players or to 'everyone'.
    • The /tpa & /tpahere system has been completely remade. Now all clicky and stuff! New commands: /tpcancel & /tprequests
    • A new resource world has appeared: Ice spikes, Mesa & Mega taiga have been added!
    • The onlinetime leaderboard is back! /onlinetime leaderboard
    • VIPs can now change their fly speed in the creative world: /flyspeed [1,2,3]
    • Members (and up) can now do /head to get their own head in the creative world!
    • VIPs can now do /enderchest in the survival worlds.
    • Members can now do /tpahere in the creative world
    • Added /links which will give you a list of all the essentials SlapGaming website pages.
    • Improved /Ping which will now give you your exact latency to the server. (Green = Good, Orange = Decent, Red = Bad)

    January 2014

    • Added @Mention feature. Check out /mention help
    • The commands /kills, /deaths and /playtime (or /onlinetime) have been improved and re-added!

    December 2013

    • The /region command has been replaced by /improvedregion, or short: /irg. Check out /irg help
    • Maps can be added to itemframes again!
    • Check who is afk: /afkinfo | /afklist
    • Parkour is available!
    • Cake Defence is available!

    October 2013

    • The EnderDragon now spawns twice a day!
    • StouxGames is now available! Mini-games for all!
    • An ExpVault can now hold 2500XP instead of 1000XP!
    • Check your playtime: /playtime or check the top 10 playtimes: /playtime list
    • Check how many kills you've made, the command: /kills
    • Check how many deaths you have using the command: /deaths
    • AFK reason is now public.
    • Added Automatic AFK. You will go AFK after 5 minutes of inactivity.

    September 2013

    • Added the ability to make a horse public (while staying the owner). Check out /horse public | /horse private | /horse help 3
    • Added a 1 VS. 1 PVP arena. Located left of the normal PVP arena. (Credits to honkin_pigs & his team for creating the Arena)
    • Added an in-game worth list. Command: /worthlist <page>
    • Added a new command to check the worldgaurds you are in (works the same as right clicking a feather). Command: /worldgaurds or short /wgs
    • New city available! Go visit SouthSide!

    August 2013

    • Certain worlds now have weather!
    • Added disposal signs. Type [Disposal] on the first line of the sign, the line should turn blue if you did it correct.
    • You can now do /clear, /clearinventory or /ci in the creative world. This will clear all the items from your inventory.
    • Customized tab
    • Added [AFK] tags to /stafflist & /list, also rank colors added to /list

    July 2013

    • The mail plugin has been replaced by an actual mail plugin. see
    • Players have a 5% chance of dropping their head in PvP that you can collect!
    • WorldGuard region owners can add and remove members to their own regions, see[/I]
    • Undead/Skeleton horses added for VIP's & donators. (Visit the donation panel -> Miscellaneous)
      Check out: /horse help 2
      /horse special [undead/skeleton]
    • Early (Possibly unstable) leash protection system added
    • /modlist is now /stafflist
    • Horse Spawner Egg now add to Survival 1.6 World Spawn Shop. You can take these Spawner Eggs into the Old Survival World.
    • /new | /changelog added, check out the changelog ingame!
    • Horse commands added, for all these commands you need to be on the horse!
      -/horse claim to claim a unclaimed horse (spawned before update)
      -/horse allow <Player> to allow a player to ride/leash/use the horse
      -/horse deny <Player> to deny a player who you allowed before to ride/leash/use the horse.
      -/horse allowed to get a list of all the players you allowed to use this horse.
      -/horse changeowner/owner <Player> to give the horse to someone else, you will lose all rights over the horse!
    • Added extra messages to the /te & /tpa|/tpahere commands
    • Commands in jail fixed
    • /homemenu added
    • /spawn [world] added/changed
    • Fixed broken /boat and /minecart commands.
    • /world command now added! - Displays the world you are currently in.
    • There is now a portal in the Starting Isles to The Sonic Adventure!
    • Survival 1.6+ World Spawn Shop has had a makeover! - New section added + New 1.6+ Items added!
    • Multiple people can win the Lottery now (if they roll the same)
    • Lottery prizes will now be placed in your survival inventory
    • Ocelot spawner eggs now added to 1.6+ Survival spawn shop.

    June 2013

    • Custom /afk messages now added! - Command: /afk [reason] <reason> <reason></reason></reason>.This then displays a reason for being AFK to anyone who tries to contact you. These reasons are monitored by staff to make sure nothing inappropriate is set.
    • /lock can now be used on Buttons and Pressure Plates.
    • Experience Banking given an overhaul. New plugin to control Experience Banking behavior to stop exploits.
    • Players will no longer be able to eat Cakes on your world guards.
    • /cextra command now added - allows access to a menu showing special items for use in the Creative World.
    • Fixed bug where you would still receive mob bounty rewards from killing monsters in the Creative World.
    • /wspawn command now added - takes you to the current worlds spawn point, not the master spawn point for the server.
    • Players now have the correct allocation of /sethome locations.
    • Eggs are now banned in the creative world to stop people spawning large amounts of chickens.
    • Fixed /lock command being able to be used on other peoples plots.
    • Ender Pearls now added to the spawn shop.
    • Invisibility potions are now listed as a banned item on Tutorial Island.
    • Monsters will no longer spawn in the creative world unless flagged by worldguard.
    • /VIP grant now allows you to grant different types of wood block.
    • /leave now takes you to the correct spawn.
    • Fixed bug where you would still receive mob bounty rewards from killing monsters in the Creative World.
    • /VIP grant command rebuilt. VIP grant-able items now show in a UI onscreen and you select which items you would like.
    • Rainbow Armour feature now added - More info Here.
    • Fixed bug where players lose health/hunger whilst playing spleef.
    • Membership applies are now handled automatically.
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    Howmany things can I add here?
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    Quite a few actually.
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    Going to do a make-over of the changelog, both in-game (Still making that) as here. The in-game one will notify the player when there's a change. As for the forums:
    I will be posting when something new has been added + further explanation. The 'tl;dr' version will be in the changelog above.

    Big changes that happened in February:
    • Completly reworked the /tpa & /tpahere system
      The system now uses the so called 'FancyMessages'. These allow for pop-ups, click-able commands etc. Big changes are:
      • Clickable links: (The commands /tpaccept & /tpdeny still work)
      • Can now cancel an outgoing request: /tpcancel (Short: /tpc)or click the cancel button:
      • You can now recieve multiple incoming requests! Thus the /tpaccept & /tpdeny now have a parameter: The player who requested. Example: /tpaccept Stoux2
        Clicking the accept or deny button will automatically accept/deny the correct person.
      • New command: /tprequests (Short: /tpr) will give you a list of all incoming & outgoing teleport requests. Very useful in case your received multiple requests!

    • Added /links
      Added a new command called /links. This will give you a collection of links that you can click on.

      All of those are clickable! Try it out on the server!

    • /Homes are clickable
      Your list of homes are now clickable, so you don't have to retype the things you see! (lazyness for the win!)

      It's also now (finally) possible to see howmany homes you have, and howmany you can have.
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    Howmany things can I add here?
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    Quite a few actually.
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    First change of March, and it's a big one! I've added 'Tab'-abilty to a lot of commands.

    'Tab'-ability is the ability to press your [TAB] key (on your keyboard) to finish a name/word/command.

    I type /spawn followed by a space & then press [TAB] I get the following result:

    And you can easily tab through the worlds!

    Ofcourse it also works with auto completion. So if I type /spawn g and I press [TAB] it will auto-complete it to games!

    Here are all the commands that I've made compatible:
    • Afkinfo (Gives players or "List")
    • Flyspeed (Gives as options 1,2,3)
    • Spawn (Gives the worlds)
    • Mention (Gives the possible sub-commands)
    • Home (Oh yess!)
      You can now auto-complete your home names. For example: I have a home named 'Mountain'. I type /home mo and I press [TAB] it will auto-complete to Mountain!
    • Changelog (Gives available pages)
    • Stafflist (online or all)
    • improvedregion (also known as /region, /rg and /irg)
      This will give your options. (Addmember, removemember, list, info).
    • Onlinetime (Gives 'Leaderboard')
    • Teleport Accept & Deny (Gives names of open teleport requests)
    • VIP (Grant & Help)

    All of these will both Auto-complete as completely fill in if you haven't entered anything.
    Enjoy the laziness!

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    Howmany things can I add here?
    Top kek
    Quite a few actually.
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    Been a while since I've posted one of these. Had to rewrite 'bout 10K lines of code due to Mojang thinking that UUID/Name Changing is a good idea. Figured I might as well improve some other shit while I was at it.

    SlapHomebrew is now UUID compatible. Once Name Changing is available it will notify you if you try to contact someone who has changed their name.

    Added /semiafk | Simple command to go "Semi-AFK". This type of AFK will not broadcast that you've left AFK.

    Completely reworked how the /horse system works. You are now able to do /horse list which will give you a list of all your horses. Also /horse mutate list to check your mutated horses.

    You can hover over [INFO] to check all the info of that horse. Like this:

    You can also click on [KILL] to kill the horse. It will prompt you a second time in-case you miss-clicked. KILLING A HORSE CANNOT BE UNDONE.

    /horse info now also returns more info about the horse. The allowed players, the speed & the jump height. NOTE: The height value is not accurate yet!

    Fixed the Playtime leaderboard. /playtime leaderboard | /onlinetime lb

    Reworked the jails (Staff related).

    Reworked Profiler (Staff related).

    Added Mutli-wave. You can now wave to multiple people: /wave Stoux2 honkin_pigs

    New players will now be teleported to the "Starting Island" above the spawn.

    Oh, and Mail is temporary disabled. Haven't finished that yet.

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