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    Losing Horses and Money


    I spent a lot of time on the server yesterday breeding and collecting and building a pen for horses, but today have been facing some large issues.

    First, I went to the shop to buy nametags, and i accidentally shift clicked two and got two stacks of nametags rather than two. I lost 32k. I trust Cats_say_moo when he says that staff cant reimburse this, but I am curious as to why. This is particularly the case because staff has records of the purchases to prove that we aren't just making things up.

    Then, when I returned to my stables with 126 more nametags than I wanted, all but two of my horses were gone. They were all saddled, but had disappeared I am wondering what the staff policy is about these things since I am guessing this will be an issue with people other than myself. I have screenshots of my barn from the previous night if you need proof that the horses existed. I lost 7 horses and one donkey.

    I'm not sure if these woes are the kind of thing where I just had a bad day and there is nothing to be done about it, but please let me know if this is not the case, and add horse policies to the rule list.


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    We currently have no control over Horses as they are not an 'entity' within Bukkit yet. Once Bukkit updates we may be able to control Horses better. For now, it's just one giant ball of bugs!

    Regarding your mistake in the shop. If a senior member of staff is online you can ask them politely to resolve this for you, however normal staff members do not have access to any Eco commands, so they would be refunding you with their own money.
    Jackster21 - Slap Gaming Owner

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    No horse policy exists yet and none can be made yet. For example leads have absolutely no support right now, there is no way to detect when a lead is being removed from a fence. Same with donkey chests & probably more stuff I just don't know of yet.
    I think there was a bug which caused horses to disappear as if they are hostile mobs, this should no longer happen.

    Refunded you money for 1.5 stacks of nametags
    naithantu - Slap Gaming Minecraft Plugin Developer

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