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    Guide: Home Command

    /home got updated since slap-gaming reborn, so there's been a few changes

    /home is the easy command to get around your plots in the slap-gaming world.

    The following commands are used for this
    /sethome [name] this creates a sethome if you do not fill in a name you will get a list of all your current sethomes
    NOTE: you can not name a sethome with a number

    /home [name]this takes you to your previously created home
    /delhome [number] this command removes a previously created homeThe amount of homes you have (for all worlds combined) depends on your rank +

    the amount of homes bought in the donation shop
    Builder: 1 home
    Member: 5 homes
    VIP: 10 homes
    Donation: 20 homes extra per donation these get added to your homes you get from your rank i.e. member + donation = 5 + 20 = 25 homes total
    (see donation shop)
    NOTE: donation homes are stackable so you can have as many homes as you want i.e. VIP + 5x donation for homes = 5 + 20x5= 5+ 100= 105 homes!!!

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