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    [VIP] Guide:How to use ExpVault

    VIPs have access to the ExpVault plugin, this tutorial will show you how to use it.
    This allows you to store experience in a sign for only $300 per ExpVault.

    To make an Experience Vault do [expvault] on the top line of a sign and it is ready for use.

    In the image above you can see an example of a ExpVault
    - the first line of the sign will state that it's a [ExpVault] in colored letters to indicate you created the vault correctly.
    - the 2nd line state the name of the player who owns the vault.
    - the third line indicates the amount of exp inside the vault.

    ExpVault stores exp not levels like [Expbank] to prevent certain types of abuse. Stacking levels costs more and more exp as you progress (i.e. from lvl 1 to lvl 2 costs 50 exp but from lvl 10 to lvl 11 costs 60 exp(this is an example actual values may deviate from actual in game values))
    - the last line shows the player specific vault number. This also tells you your the #th player to make an expvault.

    NOTE: This number is the same for all your(a single players) vaults!

    To Deposit 1 Level Left Click
    To Deposit 5 Levels use Shift + Left Click

    To Withdraw 1 Level Right Click
    To Withdraw 5 Levels use Shift + Right Click

    Each ExpVault can store up to 2500 exp (or about 45 levels if you gather them in one go)
    Expvaults are locked meaning only the owner and mod+ staff can break them
    Breaking a vault gives you the exp if you're the owner of it
    if you right or left click your old [Expbank] it will transform into an [ExpVault] without losing any exp.

    To use this you must be VIP, for information on how to become VIP click this link ->
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