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    [VIP] Guide: Colored Signs

    VIPs can make colored signs this guide will inform you how to do this

    How to make colored fonts on signs:

    1. Get a sign.
    2. Place it.
    3. Type [color code][text] on the lines where you want the text appearing. You'll find the color codes a bit further down that page.
    4. Press "Done".
    5. Done! Everything is done correctly!

    Color Codes:
    &0 Black
    &1 Dark Blue
    &2 Dark Green
    &3 Dark Aqua
    &4 Dark Red
    &5 Purple
    &6 Gold
    &7 Grey
    &8 Dark Grey
    &9 Indigo
    &a Bright Green
    &b Aqua
    &c Red
    &d Pink
    &e Yellow
    &f White

    These Codes don't work in chat, as only Admins and Mods can use it!

    Example Picture:

    Every existing Color Code is listed in its appearance.
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