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    Guide: Slap Homebrew

    SlapHomebrew is a plugin made specifically for the SlapGaming Minecraft server, it adds small extra commands to enhance your experience on the server.
    If you have any suggestions or bug reports about this plugin just post in the plugin suggestions/ server bugs topic.

    SlapHomeBrew Commands

    /roll - Can only be used when there is a lottery. Will roll a number between 0 and 100, if you roll the highest number you win an item.
    /minecart - If you are standing on rail, this will spawn a minecart for you, put you on it and make you move in the direction you are facing.
    This minecart can not be broken, to exit it just press left shift (or your "sneak" button) and the minecart will disappear.
    /boat - If you are standing in water, this will spawn a boat for you and put you in it.
    This boat can not be broken, to exit it just press left shift (or your "sneak" button) and the boat will disappear.
    /warppvp - Warps you to the pvp arena in the pvp world.
    /warparena - Warps you to the spleef arena.
    /leave - Teleports you out of the pvp world after 10 seconds. If you are hit by a player during these 10 seconds the teleport will be cancelled.
    /warpcake - Teleports you to cakedefense. Note: You can't teleport if you have items in your inventory or are wearing armour.
    /leavecake - Teleports you to spawn and clears your inventory.
    /spawn - Teleports you to the world portal spawn area.
    /wspawn - Teleports you to your current world spawn area.
    /horse help <1/2> gives you a list of all commands for the /horse plugin
    /horse claim this claims a tamed horse that has not been auto-claimed yet (all tamed horses should be auto-claimed)
    /horse allow <player> allows the specified player to use your horse (you need to have claimed the horse to use this command)
    /horse deny <player> denies an allowed player further access to your horse (use this if you allowed the wrong person to use your horse for example)
    /horse changeowner <player> use this command to give away your horse to the specified player Warning!: you will LOSE ALL RIGHTS!
    /horse info this tells you who's the owner of the horse (if you are not riding the horse then you need to right click it) this does not tell who's allowed to use it.
    /horse allowed will tell you which players are allowed to use the horse.
    /stafflist shows you which members of staff are online and what rank they are (i.e.: "Staff:[Guide]Nirosu, [Mod] Ryuuga,[T-Mod]Stoux2")

    /blockfaq - This will block all FAQ messages, these messages can get a bit annoying after a while so use this to turn them off.

    /te [player] - This command is (almost) the same as tp.
    /tpblock [player] (or teblock) - Blocks all other VIPs from teleporting to you.
    /tpallow [player] (or teallow) - Adds a player to a whitelist so they can still teleport to you even though you are blocking teleports. Type /tpallow to see your whitelist. If the player is already on this list he/she will be removed from the list.
    /vip grant - Spawns you a stack of material, you can use this command three times per day. Not all materials are allowed. you can select which item you want in the menu that pops up after typing the command.
    /vip list - To see a list of materials you are allowed to spawn.
    /backdeath - Returns you to your last death position.
    /horse mutate [zombie/skeleton] this command transform the horse you're riding on into a zombie/skeleton horse (Vip's get 1 free mutation) LIMITED to VIP's/Donators ONLY!
    /horse mutate info this command shows you how many horses you're allowed to transform and how many transformed horses you currently have.
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