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    Guide: LWC Protection System and more - How To Use Guide!

    /lwc is a very usefull plugin that can help you lock various things like doors, chests, furnaces and has several other functions
    This guide attempt to explain all of the commands of /lwc.

    all protection commands are applied by left clicking the item to protect after using the command unless stated otherwise

    Lists all of the lwc commands in a nice list similar to the one above.

    When typed, can be used to lock a chest that only you can access. You simply punch the sign, door, or chest you wish to lock and it will then be locked. *Note* Any new chests that are placed are automatically privated to you! (this includes working benches and furnaces)

    Creates a public protection(anyone on your WG can open it). You simply punch the sign, door, or chest you wish to lock and it will then be locked. The primary use for this command is on chests.

    /cpassword <password>
    Creates a password protection lock. You simply punch the door or chest you wish to lock and it will then be locked with a password. The person can access the object by using the command /cunlock <password>.

    /cmodify <name>
    Allows for more then one player to be added to a locked object. The added users can then access the item. ex: open doors or go into chests. You simply punch the object to modify it. i.e. "/cmodify ryuuga" adds ryuuga as a member of a protection "/lwc @jackster21" adds jack as an admin to the protection. Amins can add other players and admins

    /cunlock <password>
    Allows for a password protected object to be unlocked to you.(note:it's stays unlocked for you after unlocking until you log off then it will lock itself again)

    Allows for a player to see who the locked object belongs to,who can access the object and who can make changes to it (lwc admins). You simply punch the object to view its information.

    Shows how many locked objects you have. It also shows how many you are allowed to have. (note: thsi is actually quite useless since you're allowed to have unlimited /lwc protections but it's fun to know how many you have)

    Removes a lock from an object. Simply punch the object to remove the lock.

    Warning: VIP only command!
    /lwc mode
    allows you to lock multiple things while typing th command only once by typing /lwc mode persist and then the /lwc command you want to use multiple times. the used command will persist until you turn it off by typing the persist command again.
    the 2nd function of this command is droptransfer. This is a tricky but sometimes handy function to use
    the command you can use are:
    /lwc mode droptransfer select
    this allows you to select a chest to where all dropped items will transfer to.
    /lwc mode droptransfer on
    turns droptransfer on
    /lwc mode droptransfer off
    turns droptransfer off
    /lwc mode droptransfer status
    tells you if you have selected a chest for droptransfer and whether droptransfer is on at the moment

    /lwc flag <flag> <on/off>
    This is an awesome function of lwc that allows you to enable or disable certain flags
    the flags available are:
    - redstone
    The redstone flag enables or disables redstone bye for example turning the redstone flag on for a protected button you prevent it from opening a door when pressed
    - autoclose
    autoclose is targeted specifically at doors. If it's turned on your protected door will automaticallclose after a while.
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