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    Worldguarding and Owning a spawner: rules and guidance

    We all know how everyone wants to own a spawner and wants to make a grinder out of it to prevent server lag and other trouble we have decided to implement several rules


    1.1 Making a WG for a spawner (does not apply to man-made spawners)
    Players must pay $15,000 in-game cash per spawner on every worldGuard made to protect them. This amount is to be payed to the Staff member who makes the worldGuard for you, who then sends it to the account: "SlapGaming". This means the money goes to the server, and not to the member of staff.
    Doing this will set a limit to the amount of WG'd spawners on the server and a goal for you strive for!

    1.2 Spawners below Y:30 (does not apply to man-made spawners)
    If you are a VIP you can request a Spawner to be WorldGuarded even if it is below Y: 30! Even if it's sitting on Bedrock.
    This is a VIP perk only.Just another reason to become VIP!

    1.3 Spawner WG size (does not apply to man-made spawners)
    The WorldGuard is only allowed to be 20x20x20 of size - this should give enough room for you to make a lighting system, XP gathering and a item collection point.

    2.0 Spawner specifications
    Once a spawner WG has been made you are required to fulfill certain conditions to prevent the removal of your spawner(s).

    2.1 Spawners must have a "on/off" feature
    It is very strongly advised you create a type of switch that allows you to turn your spawner(s) off - this would stop any Mob for spawning and avoid the chance of your Spawner being destroyed. An example would be a lighting system that can be turned on/off by activating a lever.

    2.2 Number of Mobs allowed at a time (also applies to man-made spawners. In case of iron farms villagers may not be able to unlimitedly breed)
    When there are to many mobs spawned at once in one spot, it causes bad lag spikes to the server. So only 3-5 Mobs are allowed to be spawned at a time. (we refer to 2.1 here as to how this result can be achieved)

    2.3 AFKing (also applies to man-made spawners)
    AFKing for any amount of time to allow Mobs to gather will result in a tempban, and maybe even your spawner(s) being destroyed. We state that you NEVER AFK at a Spawner. (This also goes for any other player AFKing at your Spawner)

    Thanks for reading, and good luck in finding and earning your Spawners!
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