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    [VIP] Guide: extra commands

    VIP Rank Guide

    Increased Privileges

    /jumpto - To teleport to a block use /jumpto! What ever block you were looking at you will TP to that block (a short cut to this is left clicking with a compass or using /j)

    /Te - To teleport to a player without his permission use/TE (player name) Warning: abuse of this command will be punished!

    /Teblock - Block players from /te'ing to you.

    /tpahere - to Teleport a player to you use /tpahere (player name)

    /backdeath - Returns you to your last death location. Warning: do not use when you have died in the pvparena or in a minigame. This is considered cheating and will be punished

    Spawn Basic Materials

    /VIP grant - To spawn basic materials do /vip grant in-game.This will bring up a in-game menu from which the top row contains quick buttons (netherbrick, sand, smooth stone brick, glass, and a book) these refer to certain items that can be granted as a stack or smaller (glowstone is only 16 blocks due to it's high value) the book is for copying books.

    Experience Vault

    Exp Vaults - For information on how to use Exp vaults please visit this link.

    Colored Signs

    Colored Signs - To use colored signs simply put &(color code)(Message) in front of your text for all minecraft color codes please visit this link!

    Drop Transfer

    Drop transfer - /lwc mode droptransfer select ( to select a chest to store your items you drop)
    /lwc mode droptransfer <on/off> (toggle mode drop transfer)
    [LWC MODE DROPTRANSFER USAGE: when it is on, and you drop stuff, it is transferred to the chest you selected with /lwc mode droptransfer select]
    WARNING: this does not work across worlds (i.e. make drop chest in survival world then got to RW and drop stuff there it will not go to the chest but fall on the ground!!)
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