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Thread: Banned apeal

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    Unhappy Banned apeal

    I want jack to handle this not y'all .Jack i didnt do nothen wrong i got banned for the same thing this time I tried to log in but it said i was banned just like the other one and i dont know why I need to get unbanned ill advertise for you too get the server up too ill donate for anything!! I just want to get unbanned .This is the thing Since i got on the server people picked on me and i tryed to ignore them but then they messaged me and i know you should took a screan shot but that was when i was a noob and i just got my account and that was the best server and i know you dont know me well but i would like you too know this im 9 i got my account when i was 7 years old and i told people i was older beacuse i thought you had too be a certent age to be on the server but then i found out And jack i dont want a mod are admins i want you too Because your the server owner and that is Best server i ever had you can make me be a builder foreever i dont care i just want to be back on the server! you can take all my housees away you can take all my money away ill do what ever if you let me be unbanned. Please and i wont do nothen wrong and i just need Yall too do this I know i keep Makeing say almost the same thing FAIL

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    You've had your chance and you blew it. You've been warned enough, so many times in fact that you now have earned a permanent ban on the forums as well. Topic locked.

    PS: Just to clarify one more time, we don't want any of our members advertising on other servers. As posted by sparkle:
    Not only do we not tolerate having other server IPs being advertised on our server, but we ALSO do not tolerate having our own server IP advertised on other people's servers. To find out you've been doing that isn't good, as it makes our own server look bad.
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