Just post a reply stating what your top # pokemon games are (Ex. Top 10, top 3, top 5, etc.)

Here's my Top 5 sort of...

5. Pokemon Soul Silver and Pokemon Diamond - I was, how should I say, a noob when I got these games. In Soul Silver, I thought the cooler looking moves did more damage so when I caught Lugia, I made it forget Aeroblast cuz I thought it didn't look cool enough. I was such an idiot. In Pokemon Diamond, however, I wasn't that big of a noob, but Diamond earns a special spot on this list. When I played through it the first time, I encountered a shiny Wurmple. I didn't know about shiny Pokemon at the time, but I thought it looked cool. I found it in the forest where you have to walk through with someone. When the double wild battle started, I found out that you can't catch a Pokemon if there's 2 or more Pokemon. I ended up capturing it and it evolved into a Dustox. It was my first legit shiny in the wild by a random encounter. At the end of the game, I was bored so I started using action replay on it. Then, I got the urge to start over again and do everything legit, 100% cheat free from start to finish. And when I deleted my data, it was at that moment that I realized my first ever legit shiny random encounter Pokemon got deleted also. I was very sad, but alas I got over it and that's why Diamond is on this list.

4. Pokemon White and Pokemon Black 2 - 1 word: Zekrom. Zekrom was a cool looking Pokemon, with cool moves, a cool voice in the movie, and cool defenses. Also, this gen has my favorite starter out of all the regions: The Snivy Line. Super fast, offensive, and defensive grass snakes. Just that fact that Trip's Snivy defeated Ash's Pikachu so many times in the anime made me both happy and sad. Sure, I do like Reshiram too, but Zekrom is where it's at.

3. Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness - Shadow Pokemon, an Eevee, Shadow Lugia A.K.A. XD001, Mt. 100, and so much more. Yeah Colosseum was good, but gale of darkness was and is better.

2. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky - I loved this game sooo much and I still do. I find this game to be even better than Gate to Infinity. Sure Gates to Infinity has 3D, but it's the missing the one key factor that every other mystery dungeon has: The ability to bring tears to the player. If you don't cry at the end of a mystery dungeon game, it just doesn't feel right. Gates to Infinity didn't make my cry with tears at all, which is why Explores of Sky takes this spot.

1. Pokemon X/Y - You had to see this coming... there are only 3 things that bother me about this game though.
A) Not that many Pokemon were added this gen.
B) Not that many Legionaries
C) Team Flare basically looked like a cheap knock off of Team Magma to me at first which bothered me.

What are you favorite Pokemon games? Leave a reply.