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    Nirosu's pokemon trade/gift center

    Heya, to all you x/y pokemon fans, I'm offering trades for some kinds of pokemon which I can get/have, and willing to give you free pokemons(trade me anything and i'll give it), help you evolve trade required pokemon(I might need such help too), and also I have a few pokemon i need in order to complete pokedex and need a pokedex filling trade.

    Pokemons I can offer:
    All Gen I and Gen V starters.
    Togepi(soon available)
    Munchlax, tyrougue, smoocham(soon), ditto, eevee.

    trades for pokedax filling i need my pokemon back, and we trade them back, ou get yours back)
    Moltress - any legendary bird
    Mewtoo - Genesect
    any - celebi(on standby, if i can't get a celebi)
    any legendery from other gens, aka from past games is welcome for pokedex trades, it's my dream to fill the pokedex.

    pokemon I need:
    any pokemon from past games not available in pokemon x/y.

    I have quite alot of pokemons ready to be delivered. leave here your offer/request, any past starters are more than welcome, I want to breed them and share them aswell.
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    I'm on a quest to get the shiny charm which requires the national pokedex so I could use your help. I have decent amount of legendaries. The ones I'm struggling to get are the event/mythical ones such as Meloetta, Shaymin, Genesect, etc. I'll come back when I have more time to say what pokemon I have and the ones I need.

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