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Thread: Moving on

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    Moving on

    The past few months I have moved on from minecraft. Things in life demand attention and fantasy games just arn't appealing anymore. I love the people in this community, it's just not my forte in what they are still interested in. I hope you kinda see what im saying. Ill check in like i have been doing thepast few weeks. Just not going to check in on minecraft. Honkin you can keep the rest of my money. Just message my facebook and we can get into contact.

    ~ Swiftblade16

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    <3 will definately get in contact from time to time, to check up on you etc etc.

    We do play some other games, mainly battlefield though, age of empires 2, and soon to be gta5, but i see where your comming from
    Honkin_pigs - Slap Gaming Minecraft Admin

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