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    [MC] Pixelmon 1.7.2, And More!

    Greetings Slap Gamers!

    So the Slap Gaming Pixelmon Server has been upgraded to 1.7.2 with lots of fancy new features for you to all enjoy!
    These include:

    • A Brand New 1.7.2 world!
    • New animations for pokéballs!
    • New models for pokéballs!
    • Nether world now added!
    • Resource world added!
    • Central City added! (Still under construction)

    However, due to these huge changes, all our old config files have stopped working, meaning anyone who played during our Beta lost their items, parts of their builds, and their Pokémon.
    To compensate the players, we have decided to give every player who played during the beta $150 of in-game currency per hour of time actively played on the server (AFK time not included). We have also manually migrated 6 of each players Pokémon through to the new server, keeping the attributes they previously had!

    Finally, as most people are aware, Mojang recently announced a big change to their End User Licence Agreement (EULA) regarding servers who receive donations for in-game rewards.
    SLAP Gaming will be fully cooperating with these changes, and we will make a news post in the coming days explaining how will we do this, so stay tuned for more information!

    Enjoy Pixelmon 1.7.2!

    - Jackster21
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