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    [MC] Pixelmon Has Come To An End....

    Greetings Slap Gamers!

    I'm am here to deliver some sad news to you all....

    As most of you will be aware, the Pixelmon Server has been down for approximately 1 week now, which has caused some upset to our player base as I know how popular of a mod it was for you all.
    The reason the server is down is due to Pixelmon releasing a highly unstable version of their plugin, which we updated our server too.
    Upon updating, everything seemed relatively stable, however over time an error started to generate. This error kept on generating, up to the point it was creating 25 log entries per second.
    The Slap Gaming Pixelmon Server runs on a RAM Disk for increased performance. The negative to using a RAM disk is that if the disk ever gets full, it will be unable to write any new files, and will corrupt current data.
    This very scenario occurred for Slap due to this 25 log entries per second error. We have tried to resolve the issue, however it would seem that our server files all got corrupted, rendering our server and world map un-usable.

    Another unfortunate event that has recently occurred for SLAP is a significant drop in our player base and donations to the servers.
    Minecraft's global popularity is in decline, and many small-medium servers are being effected by this greatly, SLAP being one of them. Our player base has shrunk by over 50% in the past 6 months. We have also lost crucial voluntary staff from our Moderator and Admin teams, meaning greater strain has been put on the remaining voluntary staff members.
    Also, a lower player count has meant a significant decrease in donations from you all, meaning the servers donation goals are not being met. Because of this, we are struggling to support 2 active servers.

    This issue, along with the unfortunate events that have occurred with the Pixelmon Server has lead us to take the decision to remove the Pixelmon Server from the Slap Gaming Server Network.
    We will now focus all our time and efforts on supporting our main Survival, Creative, and Minigames Minecraft Server and aim to keep this running for the foreseeable future!
    This has not been an easy choice for us to make. Slap Gaming provides these servers for your entertainment, and I truly am sorry for the disappointment we will cause some of you for losing access to this server, but we simply cannot support it any more.

    What can you do to help?
    The main server will stay up and running, but only if we have an active player base and people to support it!
    How can you keep our server running? Simply play on the server! Enjoy yourselves! Bring friends to play on SLAP! If we see an active player base it will give us the motivation to keep putting in hour upon hour of time and effort into this server!
    Our player base has shrunk significantly, and the only way to change that is if Everyone helps to get our numbers back to where they should be!

    We will also be changing the way donations work very soon due to Mojang's recent EULA changes!
    A new feature called Donation Goals will be added. We will need everyone to help meet the goal each month in order to help with the servers costs, and in return everyone will be rewarded (a separate topic will be posted explaining how in more detail very soon!)

    Nobody wants to see Slap Gaming disappear, but if things don't change this could happen!
    We need all of You to help us keep Slap Gaming alive!

    This community and these servers have been running for nearly 4 years, let's make sure Slap Gaming makes it to it's 5th Birthday and beyond!

    I truly am sorry that it has come to this, losing a server is something I never wanted to see happen, but unfortunately, it is what it has come too.
    I assure you I will do all I can to keep Slap Gaming going long in to the future, but I need all of you to help me out to achieve this goal!
    Let's keep the Slap Gaming Community going and get it back to where it should be!

    I hope you all understand, and once again, I'm sorry for it having to come to this.

    - Jack


    Will people who donated on the Pixelmon Server receive any sort of compensation for their donations?
    A: This is currently in discussion and I am working out some way of providing compensation to you all, Refunds will not be given as donations are used to pay the server bills.

    Q: Will the Pixelmon map be available for download?
    A: I will see about downloading a non-corrupt backup and getting a map copy uploaded at some point, I just cannot arrange for this currently.

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